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Free Welcome Back Party

On 10/6 at 6 pm there's a free Welcome Back Party at the Choir Building.

The event is FREE, but please SIGN UP so we have an accurate headcount and can get enough food for everyone.

High Notes Sign-Up

If you want to add a new address to the High Notes distribution list, please email

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Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Resurrection Baptist Church
5401 Lansdowne Avenue

Hilary Ward/Alfred Goodrich Wedding

Saturday, January 7, 2012
6:20 -7:40 pm
Merion Tribute House
625 Hazelhurst Avenue
Merion Station

Taping for New Year's Eve and Christmas Morning on Channel 3

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
until 8:30 pm
CBS Philadelphia Studios
1555 Hamilton Street


What is Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale?

Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale has traveled the globe for more than forty years as America’s Ambassadors of Song. Since 1968, we have been the premier boys choir in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Does my child need voice training to audition?

Absolutely not! We welcome boys of all vocal strengths to audition!

Will my child receive voice training?


Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale at the Kimmel Center

June 24, 2018 - 2:00pm

We are capping our 50th Anniversary season with a grand concert! Favorite songs from 50 years and some brand new music created for the occasion. It will be a fabulous event! 

Tickets are available on the Kimmel Center Website.

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Music opens a window to the beauty of the world.
At Philadelphia Girls Choir, we see music as the central piece in a cultural jigsaw puzzle. Through music, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our community and our world.

Philadelphia Girls Choir is an after-school music education program for girls 7 and older. Girls audition and are placed in one of the training programs based on proficiency and age. After the training programs, selected singers are asked to audition for the performing choir. All programs include public performances, some programs include summer camps abroad.