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50th Anniversary Concert

I would like to join with other alumni and former chorale in singing Shenandoah at the concert. Do I need to sign up?
Yes, we would like all alumni and chorale (former and current) to sign up here.

How can I find out who else has signed up to sing with the alumni?
We will list all alumni and chorale (current & former) who have signed up at this link: Check here often as we update it regularly.

How do I get the music for Shenandoah, the song the alumni are going to sing with the choir?
The sheet music for the specially arranged parts for returning alumni in either a tenor or bass range can be found at the bottom of the sign up form (even if you already signed up) using this link: A lot of it is based on the chorale parts, but some of it is new (don't worry, it's easy).

What if I can’t read music?
No problem! Just use the sheet music and find your part (“Alum.”) so you can follow the words. Then use the audio track to listen to and learn the notes.

What if I can’t sing anymore?
It’s like riding a bike….it comes back quickly. Most of our alumni do not go on to become performers – we don’t expect perfection here, we just want you to all be on stage together again to enjoy the brotherhood of PBCC. Try to learn the piece (by listening to the audio), and do the best you can. If you still feel like you’re going to be the most awful thing we’ve ever heard, then just LIP SYNC!

Will we rehearse before the performance?
There will be one rehearsal (alumni only) on Saturday June 23rd from 4pm-5pm for anyone who is in town and can make it. It's our only chance to run through the piece, so we're hoping most of you can be there for it. The rehearsal will be at the choir building (1336 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia) and will end in time for those who are planning to attend the evening gala. There is free parking in the lot on the EAST side of the building which is on the left when facing the building.

Is the rehearsal mandatory?
No, but please try to be there if you can. We’d like to give it our all and do what we can to make it great; but certainly we understand people have other commitments and might not be able to make the rehearsal – we don’t want that to prevent anyone from joining us during the concert.

Can I use music on stage?
Yes, you may use the music you print out on the stage and we’ll have a few extra copies in case you forget.

Will Dr. Hamilton be at the concert?
Yes, Dr. Hamilton will be traveling to Philadelphia from his home in Florida and will conduct the combined choir/alumni selection.

If I signed up to sing, do I still need a ticket to attend the concert?
Yes, everyone will need a ticket to enter Verizon Hall. Tickets are available at

What do I wear to the concert?
There is no specific uniform for alumni. Please just dress as if you are going to a concert on a summer day.

When do I need to let you know that I plan to attend?
We’d love to know you’ll be there by June 6th so that we can be sure to order you a 50th Anniversary Commemorative t-shirt that will fit you. Please try to respond by that date if possible. If your plans change and you find at the last minute that you can join us, you should still sign up. We’d love to see you!

What should I do when I get to the Kimmel Center?
Walk into the beautiful lobby and look for the banners that will welcome the PBCC Alumni. We will be there to greet you, give you a welcome bag if you pre-registered, and have you sign a commemorative 50th Anniversary framed poster that will be hung in the choir building showing the signatures of all who attended this special milestone performance.

Is there parking near the Kimmel?
There are multiple parking garages and you can check them out and even reserve a spot here:

Is the Kimmel handicapped accessible?
The easiest handicapped accessible place to park at the Kimmel is the garage underneath the Kimmel. Take the elevator straight up and into the lobby. The steps up to the stage are wide and have walls on either side. If you can’t maneuver steps, let us know and we’ll make special arrangements.

Is there anything happening after the concert?
Yes! After the concert ends, we hope you’ll join us for our 50th Birthday Bash & Reunion, a casual celebration at the Choir’s building on Spring Garden Street.

50th Birthday Bash & Reunion

When is the 50th Birthday Bash & Reunion?
It will start immediately following the concert. After the concert, leisurely make your way to the Choir building. We expect most guests to start arriving around 5:30 pm.

Do I need tickets?
No. This event is free to all alumni/alumni parents and their guests, current and former chorale and their guests, and current choir families and their guests. Just stop by after the concert!

Where is the 50th Birthday Bash & Reunion?
The 50th Birthday Bash & Reunion will take place at the Choir building located just a short drive from the Kimmel Center at 1336 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. Please note our new address as we have moved since the 40th Anniversary reunion.

Can I bring guests?
Yes! Feel free to invite anyone attending the concert with you. EVERYONE is invited to the Birthday Bash/Alumni Reunion so bring your family and friends and meet up with other alumni, their families, current choir & chorale members and their families. We will also have a display of photo memorabilia and a slide show to bring back great memories of 50 years of PBCC history.

Is there parking available?
There is a parking lot next to the building on the east side (to the left as you look at the building) and street parking on Sundays is free.

Will there be food and drink?
Beer, wine, cheese, crackers, and other light snacks will be provided. Food will be available for purchase. We’ll even have a PBCC Birthday cake and perhaps break out in a PBCC style rendition of “Happy Birthday”!

Is the Choir Building handicapped accessible?
The 1st floor of the choir building is accessible, but access to the other two floors (one up and one down) is by way of an elevator that requires 3 steps to access from the 1st floor.

Alumni Engagement

I haven’t received a copy of the Alumni Newsletter, REPRISE. How can I get that?
Please update your contact information at and we’ll make sure you get one. Meanwhile, you can access an electronic version of the April newsletter at

I have some great ideas for alumni get-togethers. Who can I talk to about that?
Judy Houdeshel is the PBCC Director of Engagement and Alumni Relations. She would really like to hear from you so send your ideas to her at.

Are there other ways to stay in touch or reconnect with PBCC Alumni?
There are several different ways depending on how you like to communicate:
*Email - Judy Houdeshel (Director of Engagement & Alumni Relations) at
*Twitter - @PHILBoysChoir
*LinkedIn - Philadelphia Boys Choir Alumni Group
*Facebook – Lots of postings of photos & discussion on the Philadelphia Boys Choir Alumni Facebook page.
*Alumni Resources Webpage –
*Call the choir office at 215.222.3500

How can I help with reaching out to alumni?
There’s nothing better than a one-on-one personal invitation and renewing old friendships. Reach out to the people who were part of your PBCC experience and invite them to continue that friendship and brotherhood by sharing the information about the 50th Anniversary events and beyond. Add a friend to the Philadelphia Boys Choir Alumni Facebook page or call/email them with some contact information. Tell them that you want to see them again!

Is your question not listed?  Just reach out to Judy atand she will get you the answer!

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