Cantata Rehearsal Tracks

CORE ah_poor_bird.m4a1.93 MB
CORE music_alone_shall_live.m4a2.43 MB
CORE shalom_chaverim.m4a2.68 MB
CORE dowidzenia.m4a2.18 MB
CORE viva_la_musica_1.m4a1.88 MB
CORE i_am_Tutti.m4a4.09 MB
CORE i_am_voice_1.m4a3.94 MB
CORE i_am_voice_2.m4a3.94 MB
CORE i_am_voice_3.m4a3.97 MB
CORE This Pretty planet.m4a808.23 KB
CORE spinning_spinning_tutti.m4a6.17 MB
CORE spinning_spinning_piano.m4a6.18 MB
CORE spinning_spinning_soprano.m4a6.18 MB
CORE spinning_spinning_alto.m4a6.17 MB
CORE path_to_the_moon_unison.mp32.11 MB
CORE dawn_piano.m4a2.89 MB
CORE dawn_soprano.m4a3.4 MB
CORE dawn_alto.m4a3.4 MB
SPRING cunnla_PERF michael_mcglynn.mp33.47 MB
WINTER polish_pronunciation_track.m4a841.71 KB
WINTER Mi_Zeh_Hidlik_hebrew_pronunciation_pgc.m4a448.74 KB
WINTER polish_A1.m4a1.56 MB
WINTER polish_S2.m4a1.63 MB
WINTER polish_A2.m4a446.64 KB
WINTER polish_S1.m4a1.69 MB
WINTER torch_S1.m4a4.5 MB
WINTER torch_S2.m4a1.29 MB
WINTER torch_Alto.m4a4.26 MB
WINTER See_amid_S1.m4a6.09 MB
WINTER See_amid_S2.m4a6.14 MB
WINTER see_amid_Alto.m4a6.15 MB
WINTER Hebrew_S1.m4a2.63 MB
WINTER Hebrew_S2.m4a2.68 MB
WINTER Hebrew_Alto.m4a2.53 MB
WINTER French_A2_mm24-40.m4a1.44 MB
WINTER French_S2__A1_mm24-40.m4a465.14 KB
WINTER French_S1_mm24-40.m4a1.57 MB
WINTER French noel_PIANO.m4a2.73 MB
WINTER the_bells_PIANO.m4a3.2 MB
WINTER bells_soprano_1.mp33.98 MB
WINTER bells_alto_2.mp32.74 MB
WINTER French noel_a2_mm_73_to_end.mp31.88 MB
WINTER French noel_s1_mm73_to_end.mp31.88 MB
WINTER noel_s2a1_mm73_to_end.mp31.88 MB

Music opens a window to the beauty of the world.
At Philadelphia Girls Choir, we see music as the central piece in a cultural jigsaw puzzle. Through music, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our community and our world.

Philadelphia Girls Choir is an after-school music education program for girls 7 and older. Girls audition and are placed in one of the training programs based on proficiency and age. After the training programs, selected singers are asked to audition for the performing choir. All programs include public performances, some programs include summer camps abroad.