Five for 50

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale launched its first ever multi-year capital campaign. The campaign, known as “Five for 50” (a 5-year commitment in honor of the 50th anniversary), was the inspiration of long-time board member and choir alum, Ned Moore. To date, the campaign has raised over $468,000! 

A Campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PBCC

Each year, the Choir must earn or raise 68% of its $1.7M budget from scratch. This makes it hard to build programs that take time to grow, such as endowing scholarships, developing programs for autistic children or building a strong, loyal and connected alumni body. The 50th Campaign will give the Choir a solid foundation upon which it can plan its next 50 years, beginning today.

$500,000 over Five Years 

In celebration of the 50th, those closest to the Choir are pledging as much as they can, from $30,000/year to $1,000/year for the next five years.  Donors will be recognized for their full pledge amount as part of 50th celebrations. 

Give now or give later

The pledge forms allows you to pick your payment plan, depending on your financial planning needs. Give more this year and less in the future, or ramp up your giving over the next five years. Or choose a monthly plan and put it on your credit card.

Give stock and avoid capital gains tax

If you own stock that has significantly increased in value since your purchase, you may be able to donate it to the Choir at its current value, without incurring Capital Gains Tax and can deduct the full current market value as a donation. Please contact Stephan Stoeckl at if you are interested in that option.

Give and Get

All our donors receive special recognition in the program books, but donors above $5,000 over 5 years, get special perks from VIP tickets to naming rights. For more information, contact

Ready to give?

Please fill out the appropriate form and mail it to The Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale, 1336 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

Thank you!

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Music opens a window to the beauty of the world.
At Philadelphia Girls Choir, we see music as the central piece in a cultural jigsaw puzzle. Through music, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our community and our world.

Philadelphia Girls Choir is an after-school music education program for girls 7 and older. Girls audition and are placed in one of the training programs based on proficiency and age. After the training programs, selected singers are asked to audition for the performing choir. All programs include public performances, some programs include summer camps abroad.